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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2018 7:00am-7:30am CEST

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this is the w. news line from berlin the leaders of the united states and north korea are still talking after some event you in singapore donald trump says the needing is going better than anyone expected and that quote a signing is coming up shortly we'll have the latest from singapore. and i have a call and welcome to the program u.s. president doll trump and north korean leader kim jong un have emerged from their
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working lunch and the u.s. president says they will sign an agreement that we don't have the details yet on what might be in that agreement this was the scene just a few minutes ago as the two leaders came out of the lunchtime break and walked along the path outside of the cupola hotel they spoke briefly and addressed reporters here's what donald trump had to say. really really really really love the program. really for really better than anybody perfect couple. for the girl right now for saying that it was going to be very little bit of both of you to probe into what he studied her career that you got a couple. of them with that and even as we wait to hear exactly what the cheerleaders are signing behind closed doors this is already been a day for the history books a day that some have had to markable seen such as this moment when the two. emerged
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in front of a row of american and north korean flags and shook hands for the very first time. it was the first of a series of handshakes between the two leaders who up until very recently were still trading belligerent insults and threats but not today trump was in an op the mood he told kim i know well very well that tremendous success together and will solve a big problem a big dilemma up until this point has been unable to be solved i know that working together we will get it taken care of and for his part kim jong un said it has not been easy to get here the old prejudices and practices worked as obstacles but we have overcome them and we're here today. correspondent boston hadzic is following the story for us in singapore and in studio we have young cars how a transatlantic fellow in the asia program at the german marshall fund of the
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united states by stan we're going to start with you a warm handshake a relaxed demeanor what a difference a few months make when after they traded all these belligerent insults and now trump is saying he will sign a document with came what more can you tell us about that document. well we're all waiting to see what's what's going to be in that they're clear ation that trump said that they're that they're going to sign it could be it could be anything from we're going to meet again trump already said that if the meeting goes well then he might even invite kim through to washington there might be something in about a possible peace deal working towards a peace deal on the korean peninsula because of course the korean war was never formally ended it just was halted with an armistice in one nine hundred fifty three but technically north and south korea are still at war and many many in south korea obviously are looking for for
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a peace deal to be finally signed after after more than six decades so that's something that might be on the cards and that might be in that declaration but really we'll have to wait and see what's in it it's too early to tell it's too early to tell we don't know if they'll be any concrete steps in this document young called turn to you decades worth of issues can't be solved in just one day can may no seriously not and a great degree of caution is of course warranted with everything that comes out of this meeting one has to one has definitely had made. for kim jong un this has a lot of public relations bonus he has scored points and shooting selfies with the singaporean foreign minister last night going on a site seems free having the north korean flag next to the united states flag as an equal this is really something that works well for it domestic agenda for kim jong un but what will be a lasting effects of this this will only time will only tell. and what does it mean really for north korea on international stage you just mention the public image
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shift that's happened for kim jong un he's certainly happy about what's going on here he's definitely happy what's going on this is death and this is the best that can happen it's not in the in the run up to this at this basically of time saying you know it's a great achievement that we're talking to each other now it's clean leaders have always wanted to talk to the united states they do so this is a huge achievement for the young queen peter at this point passing around to come to stay on the point of kim jong un north korea has one of the world's worst human rights records how has this event changed kim jong un's public image or in singapore he received a very warm reception yesterday from the public media that tour of the city. where you know it wasn't just this event this is of course the culminated everything culminated in this event but it started at the beginning of the year with the new year's address by by kim jong il and then of course the participation of north korean athletes in this in the winter olympics in south korea where he
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sent his sister which was really well received there and so he's been trying to revamp his image internationally for quite some time and you can see that that image is already changing if you you mentioned the human rights record there's probably presumably one hundred twenty thousand people in korean hard labor camps this is a brutal dictator this is a man who supposedly killed his uncle with anti aircraft aircraft guns who poisoned his half brother in at the airport in kuala lumpur just an hour's flight from here with a nerve agent so and now you're seeing him here you know he has last night as you mentioned with a little tour around marina bay here in downtown singapore and people taking pictures of him and you know people were waving to him or to his motorcade in the last few days so this is really remarkable. image shift that has happened and that that kim jong un has been able to achieve. boss as you were speaking or seeing
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images of kim jong un and. in their meeting can you tell us a little bit about what the americans would deem a success following the summit. well i think donald trump has to walk away from this with with something that he can sell now there were really only two options either this was going to it was going to completely blow up in their faces and he would walk out after one minute he said if you realize that kim jong un wasn't serious or to speak in his terms it was going to be a great meeting now turned out to be the latter so now he is in this declaration there will be something in it that he can so that he can say he was the first u.s. president to sit down with a north korean leader and now that they're going to be talking about denuclearization but obviously we'll have to wait and see how concrete that really is what's in that they're khorasan because that's of course the sticking point there i mean these kinds of deals have been made in the past with north korea and
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then it turned out that they weren't so serious about it after all so really we have to wait i mean it's not it's not really only the words on the declaration that count it's going to be the actions that follow that they're courageous. young could this summit considering that the americans are engaging in dialogue with north korea change how western allies treat north korea well this is not the first time that the west has engaged with north korea to have and various engagements in the past and for two thousand and five so i don't think you will see an immediate shift there is of course an opening now for careful steps towards more engagement but i think all western allies will be very careful especially given what happened last weekend at the g seven meeting to trust anything that comes out of this immediately so i think what is more important at this at this moment is that. has a sincere interest in making this a sustainable process and that the south korean government has
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a sincere interest in making this a. success so there are more players involved this time around it's two thousand and eighteen it's not the past so there are new players at the game there could be change coming and what is new denuclearize vision mean for north korea which talks about this as well but the definition of denuclearization means vastly different things for washington and pyongyang. well patty and feels threatened by the u.s. presence on the korean peninsula this is an overall presence that they're threatened by it's not tactical nuclear weapons on the south korean in south korea that they're threatened by they're not there since the one thousand nine hundred anymore so it would mean a removal of u.s. troops from the korean peninsula and an end of the war it also means a step by step process in north korea towards to nuclear as ation but it's definitely not something that they're going to a step that they're going to go first boss and i'm going to turn to you as we are speaking right now we're just seeing some images of the room where the cheerleaders are expected to sign that document as soon as they come out we'll of course go to that in the meantime boston speaking about what young co was talking about the
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removal of u.s. troops from the korean peninsula that's for tension really a security assurance that the cameras will be asking for is there been any kind of sign from the americans that this is even on the table. or yesterday there was a press conference by u.s. secretary of state my pump aoe and he said that there's going to be security assurances for the kim jong regime that are unprecedented that haven't been there in the past though he was asked as a follow up question if that would involve. reducing u.s. troop presence in south korea and he declined to comment on that so it's it's something that north korea wants as we heard of course because these troops and there are tens of thousands of troops in south korea u.s. troops in south korea that's something that that's a threat to north korea now if the u.s. is really prepared and you have to understand that south korea is
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a major ally for for the united states in in the pacific so if they're really prepared to withdraw troops from stop it from south korea that's that's up in the air at this moment at least so my computer yesterday didn't want to talk about that but it's definitely something that can drum and will be pushing for this being of south korea bust and there was that summit between the koreas. the end of april is obviously not here has there been any reports of how the americans will be briefing the south koreans following the summit. or you can be sure that they're working very close together and there was talk before the summit that kim jong un might come here and in the end he didn't. show up but of course the south koreans there they're an integral part of what's happening here and in the past when there was trump's asia tour last year where he also went to south korea and in the run up to that. south koreans were a bit worried that they were going to be sidelined and that was the time of that
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bellicose rhetoric you remember fire and fury in little rock man so the south koreans really worried that president trump was endangering their security really because they're of course the first to bear the brunt if there is any if there is any any any standoff on the korean peninsula so they have a vital interest in this and they're going to be watching closely and you can be sure that they're they're going to want to know every detail of what the to discuss . correspondent bost and heartache in singapore and tell transatlantic fellow in the asia program of the german marshall fund thank you both for their insights really appreciate it we're now going to go head over to business it's over to gary hart now for how this landmark meeting could affect the chief very different korean economy scare hard. i think. asian stocks are edging higher in the morning as investors keep watch on
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this story summit between trump and kim the business world is keeping a keen eye on the meeting as a thaw in relations could open another big market and asia and terms of land area the two koreas of pretty much the same about there are twice as many people in south korea than in north korea analysts still think south korean and japanese companies could benefit from an opening of the north the two korean economies are vastly different to a twenty sixteen south korea's g.d.p. was just under one point five trillion dollars while north korea's was estimated as just twenty six billion but business relations could end up being key to reproach and between. north korea and south korea north korea's leader kim jung un has announced plans to focus on his country's economic development in the future and south korea could play a central role in this this factory outside south korea's capital seoul shouldn't
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even exist. up to two years ago the spacing rings for shock absorbers that the workers produce here were made in north korea in a special collaborative economic zone of k. song just behind the border as che tech was the first company to set up shop there back in two thousand and four industrial park is unusual as jay tech c o u chung tells me it's run jointly by the two koreas the biggest advantage of the collaboration has been having access to north korean workers. they were passionate. intelligent. he's made them stand out above others other regions those were the reasons why companies in case was so happy to work with them. and they were cheap north koreans only earned one tenth of
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what their counterparts in south korea made on par with other cheap labor countries in the region but case song is only sixty kilometers from seoul and everyone there speaks korean for local businesses a major plus but then in two thousand and sixteen it was all over the border was closed after north korea conducted nuclear and ballistic missile tests since then the only way of accessing the country from the south has been through binoculars. that bridge back there is part of the railway line that leads to the k. song industrial complex at the moment of course back in action is closed but that could easily change and it could in fact become part of a much wider plan of economic cooperation between north and south korea that the government in seoul has put on the table. that plan and business is three major economic orders and industrial logistics and transport belt along the west coast connecting the korean peninsula with the north east of china and energy and natural
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resources belt into russia's far east and an eco and tourism area in the demilitarized zone along the border between the two koreas. toit's in cape expert on the economies of north and south korea thinks economic integration on the korean peninsula is a win win. right now. so korea today is like a island. for if we cooperate with north korea we can directly connect to the train siberian road. or the transfer china road to reach the netherlands. germany frankfurt or for s.j. take to a thaw in relations with the north would be good news if the case song industrial zone were to reopen they could easily double their production they say and that would help boost north korea's economy to. some other business use in brief the c.e.o. of dima did it such as all of the recall of more than two hundred thousand vehicles
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in germany following some stern words from the transport minister darla's now promised maximum speed and transparency over its dirty diesels they were fitted with software that turns off emissions controls under certain conditions to get around strict environmental stuff than seven hundred thousand in a savings cars would be afraid to cross europe and the world donna has agreed to cooperate with german authorities it is denying any wrongdoing. meanwhile the c.e.o. of audi rupert starglider has been implicated in the diesel gate scandal munich prosecutors say that they have vested gasing him as well as another board member of the folks walking subsidiary the prosecutor's office says stoplight had been accused of fraud in connection with the ongoing emissions cheating scandal since the thirtieth of may now police have also searched his apartment that's part of that investigation. after the buyer takeover of
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monsanto now another a big german name is taken over american foreign german building. make a note of is buying american dry wall producer u.s. g eight deals worth around seven billion seven billion dollars and gives access to the massive construction market in the united states u.s.g. was founded in one thousand nine hundred and two it will keep its headquarters in chicago and continue to be managed in the u.s. the companies expect to seal the deal the next next year. and that concludes your business up to date for now it's back to the big summit thank you gary hart we're just going to take a look back at what happened just a few hours ago when the u.s. president doll
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a north korean leader kim jong un met for the very first time face to face let's have a look at that. two unpredictable leaders two nations with a hostile past the world watched as north korea's kim jong un and u.s. president donald trump shook hands in singapore. a first for them and for any u.s. president and north korean leader it almost didn't happen trump called it off before saying it was back on now the adversaries who have threatened nuclear exchange are exchanging pleasantries. like. we will ever really get. in the words of. practices and prejudices worked against us but we overcame all of them and we are here today. with. the face to face between the two men moved on to a team meeting at a working lunch the u.s.
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wants north korea's denuclearization north korea wants u.s. security guarantees commitments that have been promised and redneck done before trump is confident that this time will be different but his past efforts have shown it's a long way between a handshake and peace. as we await the two leaders who are about to sign a document in a short while joining me in studio once again is yank our talib transatlantic fellow in the asia program at the german marshall fund of the united states thanks for sticking around is this sudden apparent thawing of relations a sign of things to calm. well see i think what we can definitely say is that once this donald trump needs this one day and has planned this and she will benefit from this so i think there's a lot to gain from it for a lot of sites here but caution is i think the word of the hour at the moment you have to wait and see what comes in the next day and as we've seen in the past that
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one creep can destroy a lot of progress in a heartbeat so we will see what happens later you know we have seen that with a tweet even with allies when subsequently there's been a tweet that has pushed it all aside what happens now if these talks fail i mean as we've discussed earlier one day isn't going to solve decades worth of issues especially the issue of denuclearization but if it does take a turn for the worse if they sign a document now that doesn't have concrete steps after six months of build up could there potentially be a negative downturn we've seen in the past that these processes can linger on for quite some time so there have been a lot of diplomatic initiatives in the past and it has never fully escalated but what we've seen in the last year was an escalation to a degree that we haven't seen before so it will all depend on the level of trust that can be established at this point in time and the pressure under which is domestically also to some degree the pressure under which trumpets domestically because they both sometimes how in a different in a in
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a difficult situation at home as you're speaking there we're looking at live images from the hotel as you can see american and north korean flags side by side there's two chairs there for the two leaders they are meant to come out and sign a document we will get you more information on what that document entails as soon as we know and of course we'll carry that signing for you live coming back to you you mentioned the domestic politics for both of these leaders how is this playing at home back in america for donald trump and his base. this is an opportunity for donald trump to present himself as. the deal maker he always wanted to be and he always presented himself so he will want to make this a success he would at least want to make the scene as a success but this unconventional approach is not in itself a problem i would say what would be a problem is if this becomes all about trump and not about the twenty five million north koreans that are suffering from a repressive regime that would be a problem because it would be you know the cart before the horse in that case it's
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important for it's the ability in east asia to solve this problem but it cannot be solved by a meeting with donald trump between donald trump and can done on it will have to tail a huge and a long diplomatic process you mention the millions of north koreans in the situation that they've been facing for years decades even as human rights even been mentioned well as far as we've heard in the reporting from the summit is that donald trump decided to take that off the agenda for the time being this doesn't mean that it necessarily has to be off the agenda for good it is a grave concern for the united states. the sanctions regime that the united states have put in place also due to the human rights violations that they've pushed for at the united nations security council it is an issue that is dear to the united states even if it doesn't seem like that at the moment and it is of course something that this is this is the initial part where can dylan can display whether he's serious or not about progress in north korea and of course we've talked about
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what success means to both of these leaders what does success mean for kim jong un or has he already been a success now i mean he's gotten this is a pretty good success i would say standing next to the united states president next to the flag both legs makes each other this is better that he could imagine better than he could have imagined even weeks ago even days ago so i think he has already scored his victory for this one it doesn't really matter what's in the declaration for him at this point because there will i mean this declaration will necessarily have to have some wiggle room for both sides. it's just to go into a process and this declaration it will be signed right here the images that you're seeing right now are live images from the hotel in singapore on some toes and the flags as john just mentioned side by side and there have been concerns that the american president has legitimized the north korean regime with this summit alone
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as you mentioned maybe it doesn't matter what they sign i mean the legitimacy question is i think of it one because this is also something that. the if you if you think about the maximum press or pressure campaign that the competition has put on it think about the international pressure campaign that has put on north korea and now within a heartbeat this is all good and we can shake hands and we're all friends this will not make the twenty five million north korean forgotten and it is three hundred sixty four days and has been brought back home in a coma so i think it is a good moment to not be too euphoric about what is going on but on the other hand. these talks could be an opening and as i said before whether it's unconventional or not doesn't necessarily matter unless it gets long as it gets the job done and the south koreans surely are watching this very closely and as we mentioned the president of south korea is not here he did have his own summit with kim jong un at the end of april what are the south koreans hoping come out of this moment in has
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come into his presidency with a clear plan he wanted peace on the korean peninsula he has laid this out in his speech about a year ago in berlin when he was speaking in the buildings out here in this city basically saying we need peace and we need connectivity we need opening up of north korea to have a peaceful east asia and economically integrated east asia that was his plan and as far as it's going right now it looks like there could be openings in the declaration there were also they also alluded to connectivity questions that the chinese are very interested in connecting from china to south korea through north korea there is it's very interesting to connect to russian port for example that could be developed which would enhance china's strategic opportunities in the region so there's a lot to gain for a lot of people here but hopefully no one will lose sight of who should gain most and that should be the north korean people should be the north korean people once
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again you're seeing a live video images of a room at the hotel in singapore we are waiting for the u.s. president and north korean leader kim jong un to emerge through those double doors take a seat side by side and sign a declaration we will try to get you the information of what's in that dock liberation as soon as we know there are observers who are probably wondering this hour what concrete steps could potentially be included in such a declaration or if it's just something that they're signing to say this is a starting point there will be more meetings there will be more summits there will be more talking young. well i hope that that's in the declaration i hope that not too concrete steps are in there because than all of the folks can be broken very easily all of the expectations can be disappointed very easily so hopefully this is a pretty wobbly take a vacation where a lot of people can then put in a lot of work to make it actually work we'll see there are immediate things that could be done for example the peace agreement that has been talked about
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a lot to turn the armistice agreement from one hundred fifty three into a formal peace deal this would need some engagement from the chinese because they've also been part of the armistice agreement so i think there are there are steps here initial steps that could be could be taken and could be signed i don't think it will be the beginning of diplomatic relations between north korea and the united states but who knows we will all wait and see what's in it wait and see what's in it and while we wait to do that we're going to talk to our correspondent in singapore boston heartsick is standing by we're trying to get that connection for you so week perhaps he has more information on what's included in that declaration boston can you hear me. i can hear you you can hear me in boston we're just talking about this declaration as we await donald trump and kim jong un who are set to sign this document are you aware of any of the items that could potentially be in it. well there's been
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a lot of talk we don't know any more details. of you know what's actually really going to be in there but of course there's been a lot of speculation about what could be in it you just mentioned some sort of agreement to talk about a peace deal on the korean peninsula of course further talks that would be about that would be something you know that i'm sure everyone would like both sides could agree on easily use ok at least it didn't not everything just over blew up in our faces and donald trump didn't walk out after one minute so so that back up. a success in itself and they're going to say look this is already historic enough this is the first time that a u.s. president and a north korean leader have met even if they you know if it's going to be a wobbly declaration as we just heard then i think they can both sell it as a success because then they're going to say look this is the first step in that process and all trump talked about that before this somebody said this this is more
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of a meet and greet event i just want to get to know the guy and then and then i'll know immediately if he's serious or not so apparently trump believes that is serious about this. you know for what it's worth and surely they can if they're signing a declaration for sure they're going to say look we're going to meet again and maybe the next meeting will be in washington or who knows and maybe it will be very soon there's been there's been reports unconfirmed of course that we might even be willing to do to invite him to play again so there's a lot of talk of course a lot of chatter as well a lot of noise so we'll have to wait and see what's really in that declaration right now it's all speculation every passing as you're speaking we just want to remind our viewers that we're looking at live pictures from a room.


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